Meet Amy

Hi! I’m Amy Chaplin and I’ve been teaching piano for 16 years. My career started out in the music education world as a choir teacher for middle school and high school students at Bluffton-Harrison MSD. After a stint overseas with my husband, I realized my true passion was teaching piano.

Amy is a wonderful piano teacher. My son has greatly benefited from her musical gift!


-Amy Kaehr, Decatur

I grew up like many piano students in a traditional piano lesson where reading music was the focus from the start using the famous piano method of the time, Bastien.

I gradually came to realize however, I could sight-read almost anything but couldn’t sit down and play without a piece of music in front of me – it was embarrassing! I couldn’t even throw out “happy birthday” on request. Why is that? Does it have something to do with talent? No! I had never learned to audiate (hear, internalize, and decipher) music. I had never learned to play and improvise a chord chart, or just improvise ANYTHING.




While I highly value sight-reading and the traditional reading approach, I believe a much greater balance is needed. Thus, I seek to incorporate audiation activities, solfege singing, improvisation, and composition into my lessons.

I want my students to be well-rounded musicians who can function in the world even better than myself. It is my duty to educate my students to the point where they DO NOT NEED ME. My goal is to create functional musicians.

The fastest way to learn is to get straight to the point, so I also believe in building a healthy technique from the very start. Music is not just about the notes on the page, it’s the sounds we create. Playing with healthy technique enables students freedom at the piano to create beautiful sounds – this is true artistry.

Teaching is my passion but not my only professional endeavor. I love learning; I love learning how to help others learn, and surprisingly unlike many in artistic fields, I enjoy the business/entrepreneurship side of what I do. I have a blog for piano teachers at, adjudicate piano festivals, play for two churches, and am a presenter on both the state and national level.




I’m an active member of Music Teachers National Association, Northern Indiana Music Teachers Association, and serves as President-Elect and Directory Editor for Indiana Music Teachers Association.

I look forward to getting to work with you!




Education and Awards

  • Professional Development Certification Course in Music Learning Theory and its Practical Application in Piano, Gordin Institute for Music Learning, 2016
  • Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Performance, Ball State University, 2011
  • STAR Award (Student Achievement Recognition), Ball State University, 2011
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Magna cum Laude, Huntington University, 2003




Presentation Experience

  • Taming the Jungle: Strategies for Pursuing Professional Development in the Information-Age (Ohio MTA State Conference 2016, Wabash Valley MTNA 2016)
  • The Wild West of Marketing: How Do You Really Know what Works? (MTNA National Conference 2016)
  • Connect and Engage: Being a Self-Learner in an Information-Overloaded World (Indiana MTA State Conference 2015)
  • 45/45; Forty Five Marketing Ideas that Grew My Studio to 45 Students in 30 Months (Indiana MTA State Conference 2014)
  • Methods for Adults and 4-5 Year-Olds (Northeast Indiana MTA Meeting 2011)