Teaching Philosophy

…challenged at her pace…in a caring Christian environment
Our experience with Studio 88 the past 4 years has been wonderful. Our daughter loves Miss Amy and we are so impressed with how much she has learned. She has been challenged at her pace and has learned how to sight-read, play by ear, read music, and much more all in a caring Christian environment.


-Karen Kelly, Bluffton


A student got the opportunity to shadow me in the orchestra pit of a community musical theater performance.


As a music educator (whose medium is the piano), it is my goal to equip students with the skills necessary to enjoy music for their lifetime in an environment that is fun, warm, nurturing, and stimulating to the learning process. I believe music has the ability to enrich lives and, through quality instruction, can be enjoyed by everyone.

I am committed to helping students achieve their goals by providing each student with the finest individualized instruction possible. Playing the piano is more than just reading notes – it’s about experiencing and understanding music as a whole. Thus, I strive to inspire artistry, creativity, audiation (aural), improvisation, and more into my instruction.

Whether your goal is to pursue music as a career, be a church musician, or simply play for leisure at home, instruction is geared toward students becoming independent learners and thinkers.

Yes, music education is important because of all the life skills gained like discipline, focus, and perseverance. Yes, music education is important because of all the benefits to the brain and development.

More than any of that though, I believe music education is important SIMPLY because of the gift of understanding MUSIC.

“If only it were simple enough to convince the world that the reason for music making is (and always has been) right in front of us. We make music because we are musical creatures. We make music because it is a part of who we are. We make music because that is what we do. No other reason is needed. All of us should have the opportunity to develop and grow our innate musical abilities. Why should humans study music? Because humans today make music. Because it’s what we do.”


-Pete Jutras


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