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Students attend once a week for a 30, 45, or 60-minute private lesson (depending on level) as well as a 30-minute off-bench lab time. The lab time is seen as a bonus. Younger students may not begin the off-bench time right away or may do a shortened lab depending on their ability to work independently. Some students may not do the full lab until in 3rd grade. This will be up to the teacher.

Students also participate in 6-10 group classes throughout the year as per the annual studio calendar. The studio runs on a different schedule the week of group class and students do not attend their private lesson, only group class. See below for more details.


Individualized Instruction

Students who study at Studio 88 get more than just piano lessons. Each student’s lesson is planned and thought out in advance while allowing flexibility for the lesson to also “take its own course.” The teacher is well prepared each week and spends a lot of time planning for each day’s lessons as well as tracking what happened in each lesson and setting goals for the next lesson.



…our child will benefit from this the rest of her life.


I love the comprehensive approach to growth in musical knowledge at Studio 88. It is not just learning to play notes on the piano. Amy really gets to know each student and personalizes their activities to incorporate their interests and goals at all ages. She is a gem! Professional, personal, passionate, genuine. We know our child will benefit from this the rest of her life.


Music Lab Time

 The lab consists of a variety of activities tailored to the student’s current level and studies. Students complete theory labs that include anything from aural patterns to theoretical concepts. Other assignments might include a series of videos where students have to answer follow-up questions, iPad music games, solo floor games (for younger students), and more. Lab activities are a way of reinforcing what students are learning in their lessons and inspiring in them a love of learning and music appreciation.


…it should be called Studio 88 Music School!


We are excited to have both our daughters taking piano instruction at Studio 88. Mrs. Chaplin provides a challenging music curriculum – from games, group lessons, workbooks, on-line instruction, music history, recitals, and national competition opportunities. Our children have the opportunity to grow and learn about piano and more. It should be called Studio 88 Music School! 


-K. Feher-Tanner, Bluffton


Group Classes

Students participate in 6-10 group classes throughout the school year as per the current studio calendar. Classes range from 4-6 students within close age and ability level (as much as possible.) We play lots of theory games, perform for each other, play duet and ensemble music, and engage in music appreciation activities. Group classes create community between students in the studio and help them see they are not the only ones at home practicing!




There are several performance opportunities throughout the year including “Mini Recitals”  at the studio, occasional theme recitals, and nursing home performances. Students are expected to participate in at least one of these performance opportunities.

At the end of the year, all students are expected to perform in the Spring Recital held at a local church in May. (So long as they have prepared themselves well). Performing in the spring recital is seen as a privilege.

…especially enjoys the group classes and the opportunities to perform.

My son enjoys attending piano class with Miss Amy, and sometimes even looks forward to it. He especially enjoys the group classes and the opportunities to perform. She offers several different types of motivation to practice: some have been helpful. 


-G. Werich, Bluffton


Outside Musical Opportunities

There are always other optional opportunities for students to participate in throughout the year including non-competitive and competitive adjudicated piano festivals.

In December students (by invitation only) provide background music at Von Maur Department store in Fort Wayne.



…you push her beyond what she thinks she is capable of.


You do a great job and are professional yet you get to the students level. I like that you push her beyond what she thinks she is capable of. 


-Jami Murray, Monroe

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