Lesson Offerings

Preschool – High School Lessons

While your lesson experience is built around a regular 40-minute private lesson, Amy approaches studio offerings with long-term success in mind.

Learning to play the piano is not an overnight occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and musically rewarding along the way!

Students have weekly private lessons as well as occasional group performance and musicianship classes so they can learn at their own pace while also getting enriching and rewarding musical experiences with others.

Your lessons will be supported at home utilizing the technologies of today with practice apps, digital games, audio recordings, and more.


How do lessons work? Students come once a week for a 40-minute solo lesson. 4-10 weeks a year, you will also have an optional group performance and musicianship class. (Note: Offerings may vary slightly from year to year.)

Are there any performances? All students are expected to perform in the Spring recital at the end of April. Several other opportunities are available throughout the school year but are optional.

What if we can’t make a lesson? By joining Studio 88, you are receiving a set time in the teacher’s schedule. It is assumed in the annual tuition structure that students may not be able to attend every lesson week of the year. There are no “makeups.”

Cost? Tuition is an annual fee divided into 12 monthly equal payments whether there are 2 or 5 lessons in that month. It includes all fees for registration, materials, recitals, etc. All payments will be set up through automatic withdrawal from your bank account on the first of every month using Amy’s service of choice. It includes approximately 33 lessons from August to May and four lessons throughout June and July.

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Adult Piano Lessons

Do you regret not learning the piano growing up or wish your parents wouldn’t have let you quit as a child?

Piano lessons are a wonderful blessing for many adults, whether you’re looking to play for fun, keep your mind active, or pull out the old piano tunes you love so well.

To allow flexibility in adult schedules, lessons are offered in an à la carte format. You will attend once a week for six weeks at a time. After that, you can continue for another six or call it good!


How do lessons work? Students come once a week for a 40-minute private lesson.

Do I have to perform? Nope! Adult students are not expected to perform in any recitals but certainly would be allowed if interested.

What if we can’t make a lesson? By joining Studio 88, you are receiving a set time in the teacher’s schedule. Adult students will get 8 weeks to complete their 6 weeks of lessons so there is a little flexibility to miss a couple of weeks when needed. Outside of that, there are no “makeups.”

Cost? Current rate information will be given when meeting with Amy to take the next step in your piano journey.

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